AirPin is an Android app developed by WaxRain Tech. and it can be installed in Android devices to work as a receiver to wirelessly receive media sent from Apple products(iPhone, iPad, iPod) via AirPlay protocol, or from Android products(Android phone, Android pad) and PC via DLNA protocol.
        AirPin was first released in Google Play in July 2012. Two versions of AirPin (the LITE version and the PRO vesion) are now available in Google Play.
        AirPin helps you to pin your big screens and small screens. AirPinPcSender was released in Nov 2012, and AndroidSender was released in May 2014.

Privacy Policy

  • User Data: This app will collect your Google Play Account Name(email address) to verify your purchase record on Google Play
  • Network Usage: This app will send group broadcast packets periodically for AirPlay/DLNA device announcement